Soul Conflict in Faisal Tehrani's Selected Novels


  • Fauzi Hasan



Novel Subject Conflict Manifestation Resolution


Faisal Tehrani is one of the prolific authors and active in producing various literary genres and excels as a novelist. The novels he produced included teenage novels and now produced more serious novels, in line with his maturity and maturity in his work. This study aims to analyze the soul conflict expressed in five of his selected novels, namely Perempuan Politikus Melayu, Manikam Kalbu, Surat-surat Perempuan Johor, Tunggu Teduh Dulu dan Bahlut.   This psychic conflict will be discussed in three aspects, namely the causes of conflict triggers, conflict manifestations and conflict resolution. This soul conflict will be examined through the main characters and the conflicting side characters. This study uses a qualitative methodology because it involves careful reading and interpretation of written sources. The findings of the study show that Faisal Tehrani's novels are loaded with various psychological elements to express the author's feelings, messages and perspectives on human problems that occur based on the author's point of view.

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Fauzi Hasan

Jabatan Pengajian Melayu, IPG Kampus Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Kuala Lipis, Pahang




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